Introducing Tiny Ears

Last week I met with Ellen De Vries of The Copy House for a naming session. A naming session is where uncreative people like me get to sit down with a creative person who is good with words to try and come up with a name for a project/business/enterprise. And, lo and behold, it works! During the session we came up with a few different names that we were happy with then systematically eliminated a bunch of them. Elimination was due to a number of things, including the impact of a name, trademarks already being taken, companies already formed with a name and simply because the more we thought about them, or said the names out loud, the less appropriate they seemed.

After all this I was left with 3 names to take away and ‘try on’ for a few days. After talking with a number of people, and mostly because it just fit, we are now ready to introduce the world to Tiny Ears, the technology that will, hopefully, be powering your educational applications very soon.

If you’re struggling to name your projects or company, I highly recommend organising a naming session with someone. I would also recommend that you use Ellen as she made the whole process fun as well as useful.