Chile in Summary

This Sunday Ian and I are leaving Santiago to go and spend 3 weeks in Buenos Aires in Argentina. We return to Chile for only 10 days before we leave for 2 months in San Francisco. I just thought I would write a quick post about the things that I will and will not miss, and the things I wish I had done. I’ll probably keep updating this as I think of things, but this is what springs immediately to mind.

Things I will miss

  • SUP staff
  • SUP participants
  • Cheap, awesome wine
  • Cero San Cristobel
  • The summer weather
  • Lots of easily accesible running tracks with exercise machines
  • The Jewel of India
  • Watching sunsets over Cerro San Cristobel from our living room
  • Jazz at Thelonius
  • Salsa taught by Ben

Things I will not miss

  • The dogs
  • The car alarms
  • the winter weather
  • the lack of heating in winter
  • the lack of air conditioning in summer
  • the smog
  • having to talk Spanish every day
  • the food
  • Coming home from the pub stinking of cigarettes.

Things I wish I’d done

  • Visited Puerto Varas, Temuco and Pucón
  • Visited Atacama
  • Learned more Spanish
  • Spent more time in Viña del Mar
  • Spent more time at the Santiago Makerspace