What Next?

You may have noticed that I’ve been rather quiet on the Tiny Ears front recently. There is a reason for this, and here it is.

It’s absolutely insane to try and do an incredibly high tech startup, on your own, unless you’ve had loads of experience doing startups before.

I haven’t and it nearly broke me.

I shall write more in a few days about what happened with Tiny Ears and the lessons I learned, but I wanted to first announce the exciting thing I shall be doing next.

Starting later this month, I shall be going to work for a lovely London based startup, onefinestay as their mobile developer. onefinestay have lots of interesting problems to be solved using mobile technologies and a bright, dynamic group of developers that I am excited to be working with. I am looking forward to returning to the UK in a few weeks when Ian and I shall start looking for a place to live in London.

Tiny Ears is not a dead project. I have simply moved it to a side project and will continue to look around for people I can collaborate with and technologies I can use that will help bring the project to reality.

It’s been an absolutely fabulous 10 months traveling the world, being a part of Startup Chile and running a startup. I have learned so much, and have fallen in love with the startup world.  I am keen to continue working with startups in the future, and who knows, maybe I’ll even give it a go again myself one day. Right now I am happy that my role is helping another startup achieve it’s goals, and I feel that my recent experience has made me even better qualified to do that.