Open Plaques iPhone App

Discover historic landmarks, notable events and famous people near you.  The Open Plaques iPhone app will allow you to locate all the commemorative plaques currently available on the website within 50kms of your current location and to view the inscriptions and images of those plaques.

Open Plaques is a companion app to the website. Open Plaques is a service that aims to map and provide data about all the commemorative plaques and stone engravings marking moments in history that can be found across the UK and worldwide.

The Open Plaques iPhone App is now available for download for Free in the iTunes App store. The project is an Open Source project dedicated to documenting the locations of and data about all the plaques and inscriptions in the UK and worldwide.

The Open Plaques iPhone app is also open source and is hosted on github. If you have any problems with the app you can raise an issue at