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Discovering London with one new thing a week

The last year for me has been a roller coaster ride of discovery and adventure. I have experienced so many new places and done so many new things that I have felt my life, and thereby myself, far richer for it. Returning to the UK therefore held a degree of trepidation for me. Will, by returning home, my life just return to the way it was before? Was the last year of my life to turn into a mere spike of interest in an otherwise unremarkable existence?

In thinking these thoughts it occurred to me that the only way this could happen would be if I were to let it. If I chose to return home to Brighton, pick up my freelancing career and generally continue where I left off then it would be something I would forever regret. Discussions with Ian led to us deciding to move to a new city, London, and for me to decide to return to full time work, but for an exciting startup, onefinestay.

And yet, even after that, I started to worry that, once settled, I would stagnate once again. I therefore decided that in order to encourage imagination, aid exploration of my new hometown and generally just to make life interesting, I would endeavour to do one new thing a week from here on.

That may be visiting a new place, attending a new event ( and by that I mean something outside of the kind if events I usually attend) or to try a new hobby. I shall be blogging about these new things both here and on a tumblr site I have set up, fluffzaldvisits.tumblr.com.

With that in mind, if anyone has anything that they feel I should try, or would like me to try and report back, feel free to post it either here or on the tumblr site.